EU Shark Rally Newsletter Issue 4

Date: June 2, 2021

Here you can find the fourth issue of the EU Shark Rally Newsletter. Over the past few weeks, countries have stepped up to voice their support for a retention ban with no exceptions for North Atlantic mako sharks. While the EU continues to promote retention of mako, in spite of the scientific advice for non-retention.  We need you to make more noise! Inform your Member States, place pressure on the EU Commission, ensure the EU’s position reflects the views of all Member States.

Remember, silent Member States are complicit in the ongoing retention of makos.

3 Actions You Can Take this Week for Makos:

  1. Make your voice heard on social media using the prepared Click to Tweet and #Rally4Makos hashtag. Check out the Social Toolkit for more sample Twitter posts.
  2. Send an email to your Fisheries Minister calling on them to take action in support of this imperilled shark.
  3. Forward this newsletter to your family, friends and work colleagues and ask them to join in the #Rally4Makos.
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