Voices For Makos

Date: June 30, 2021

Mako Sharks face continued pressure – particularly from the EU fleets. While ICCAT Parties are stepping up to voice their support for a prohibition on retention of North Atlantic mako – the EU continues to promote fishing, in spite of the scientific advice to the contrary. But the call to ban mako shark retention is increasing across EU Member States!

EU citizens, politicians, scientists, divers, aquariums, and some Member States, are urging the EU Commission to change their position. To follow the science: no retention, no exceptions. This short film features a wide range of Voices for Makos asking that the EU Commission takes responsibility, and supports the call to ban retention of North Atlantic Makos. Let’s not squander yet another chance to take a stand for imperilled mako sharks.

For more ways to #Rally4Makos and take action to get the European Commission to step up and follow the science, visit www.sharkleague.org/rally4makos

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