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Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization fails to agree Greenland Shark ban despite broad support

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. September 24, 2021. The Greenland shark – the species thought to have the longest lifespan of any vertebrate – has been denied new protections at this week’s (online) annual meeting of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO). The US had proposed a science-based ban on retaining Greenland sharks and was supported by the EU, UK, Canada, Russia, Norway, and France (with respect to Saint Pierre and Miquelon). In response to opposition from Iceland, however, the US withdrew its proposal. The NAFO Parties supporting Greenland shark protection pledged to reintroduce the proposal at the next annual meeting.

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Here you can find the latest issue of the EU Shark Rally Newsletter. 

Last month’s ICCAT meeting saw the EU and US continue to ignore the scientific advice to ban retention of mako in the North Atlantic, despite increasing support from Member States for this clear advice. But it’s not over yet! With an additional ICCAT mako focused meeting proposed for this autumn, there’s still time to urge the EU Commission to change their position. Like you, many government officials will be taking a break over summer. What better way to remind them of their responsibility to speak up for makos than by sending a summer postcard! Check out the latest Newsletter to find out how!

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