Template Letters

Is your country missing from the EU Mako Champion Map?

You can help change that!

Use the EU NGO Minister Template Letter to share your concern about the European Union’s lead role in the continuing depletion of shortfin mako sharks with Government officials from the Fisheries Ministry in your home country.

Please add your Name and Organisation logo to the Template Letter. Alternatively, please coordinate to send the letter on behalf of a group of NGOs. We kindly just ask that you refrain from editing the content of the letter.

Please contact info@sharkleague.org if you have any concerns or questions, and let us know if your country supports science-based ICCAT limits for makos, and what your government will do to help ensure the EU Commission stops undermining and starts heeding expert advice to ban North Atlantic shortfin mako landings.

If you’re a concerned citizen, please use the EU Mako Champion interactive Map to Take Action