Here you can find the latest issue of the EU Shark Rally Newsletter. 

Last month’s ICCAT meeting saw the EU and US continue to ignore the scientific advice to ban retention of mako in the North Atlantic, despite increasing support from Member States for this clear advice. But it’s not over yet! With an additional ICCAT mako focused meeting proposed for this autumn, there’s still time to urge the EU Commission to change their position. Like you, many government officials will be taking a break over summer. What better way to remind them of their responsibility to speak up for makos than by sending a summer postcard! Check out the latest Newsletter to find out how!

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The PADI AWARE Foundation — with support from Shark Advocates International (a project of The Ocean Foundation), Shark Trust, Ecology Action Centre, Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society International, Sciaena, and Shark Project — appreciates this opportunity to express our views on proposals for addressing the depletion of one of the Atlantic’s most imperiled fish species: the shortfin mako shark.

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Here you can find the fourth issue of the EU Shark Rally Newsletter. Over the past few weeks, countries have stepped up to voice their support for a retention ban with no exceptions for North Atlantic mako sharks. While the EU continues to promote retention of mako, in spite of the scientific advice for non-retention.  We need you to make more noise! Inform your Member States, place pressure on the EU Commission, ensure the EU’s position reflects the views of all Member States.

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Shark Trust –with support from The Ocean Foundation, Shark Advocates International (a project of The Ocean Foundation), Ecology Action Centre, Project AWARE, Humane Society International, Shark Project, and Defenders of Wildlife –appreciates this opportunity to express our views regarding our top priority for the 2021 ICCAT Panel 4 intersessional meeting: shortfin mako shark protection.

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Cross Party Coalition Calls on EU Commissioner to Change Course and Accept Scientific Advice

Brussels. 20 May 2021. 41 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) are calling on the European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius, to ensure EU support for protecting endangered shortfin mako sharks through the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT). In a letter sent today, in preparation for upcoming ICCAT negotiations, the MEPs request that the EU stop blocking and begin supporting a mako retention ban long recommended by scientists to save the North Atlantic population.

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